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SB 1.7.17

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


iti priyāṁ valgu-vicitra-jalpaiḥ
sa sāntvayitvācyuta-mitra-sūtaḥ
anvādravad daṁśita ugra-dhanvā
kapi-dhvajo guru-putraṁ rathena


iti—thus; priyām—unto the dear; valgu—sweet; vicitra—variegated; jalpaiḥ—by statements; saḥ—he; sāntvayitvā—satisfying; acyuta-mitra-sūtaḥ—Arjuna, who is guided by the infallible Lord as a friend and driver; anvādravat—followed; daṁśitaḥ—being protected by kavaca; ugra-dhanvā—equipped with furious weapons; kapi-dhvajaḥ—Arjuna; guru-putram—the son of the martial teacher; rathena—getting on the chariot.


Arjuna, who is guided by the infallible Lord as friend and driver, thus satisfied the dear lady by such statements. Then he dressed in armor and armed himself with furious weapons, and getting into his chariot, he set out to follow Aśvatthāmā, the son of his martial teacher.

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