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SB 4.11.33

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


helanaṁ giriśa-bhrātur
dhanadasya tvayā kṛtam
yaj jaghnivān puṇya-janān
bhrātṛ-ghnān ity amarṣitaḥ


helanam—disrespectful behavior; giriśa—of Lord Śiva; bhrātuḥ—the brother; dhanadasya—to Kuvera; tvayā—by you; kṛtam—was performed; yat—because; jaghnivān—you have killed; puṇya-janān—the Yakṣas; bhrātṛ—of your brother; ghnān—killers; iti—thus (thinking); amarṣitaḥ—angry.


My dear Dhruva, you thought that the Yakṣas killed your brother, and therefore you have killed great numbers of them. But by this action you have agitated the mind of Lord Śiva's brother Kuvera, who is the treasurer of the demigods. Please note that your actions have been very disrespectful to Kuvera and Lord Śiva.


Lord Manu stated that Dhruva Mahārāja had been offensive to Lord Śiva and his brother Kuvera because the Yakṣas belonged to Kuvera's family. They were not ordinary persons. As such, they have been described as puṇya janān, pious men. Somehow or other the mind of Kuvera had been agitated, and Dhruva Mahārāja was advised to pacify him.

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