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SB 4.11.34

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


taṁ prasādaya vatsāśu
sannatyā praśrayoktibhiḥ
na yāvan mahatāṁ tejaḥ
kulaṁ no 'bhibhaviṣyati


tam—him; prasādaya—pacify; vatsa—my son; āśu—immediately; sannatyā—by offering obeisances; praśrayā—by respectful behavior; uktibhiḥ—by gentle words; na yāvat—before; mahatām—of great personalities; tejaḥ—wrath; kulam—family; naḥ—our; abhibhaviṣyati—will affect.


For this reason, my son, you should immediately pacify Kuvera with gentle words and prayers, and thus his wrath may not affect our family.


In our common dealings we should maintain friendship with everyone and certainly with such exalted demigods as Kuvera. Our behavior should be such that no one should become angry and thereby commit a wrong to individuals, families or society.

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