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SB 5.2.16

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


na tvāṁ tyajāmi dayitaṁ dvija-deva-dattaṁ
yasmin mano dṛg api no na viyāti lagnam
māṁ cāru-śṛṅgy arhasi netum anuvrataṁ te
cittaṁ yataḥ pratisarantu śivāḥ sacivyaḥ


na—not; tvām—you; tyajāmi—I shall give up; dayitam—very dear; dvija-deva—by Lord Brahmā, the demigod worshiped by the brāhmaṇas; dattam—given; yasmin—unto whom; manaḥ—mind; dṛk—eyes; api—also; naḥ—my; na viyāti—do not go away; lagnam—tightly attached; mām—me; cāru-śṛṅgi—O woman with beautiful raised breasts; arhasi—you ought; netum—to lead; anuvratam—follower; te—your; cittam—desire; yataḥ—wherever; pratisarantu—may follow; śivāḥ—favorable; sacivyaḥ—friends.


Lord Brahmā, who is worshiped by the brāhmaṇas, has very mercifully given you to me, and that is why I have met you. I do not want to give up your company, for my mind and eyes are fixed upon you and cannot be drawn away. O woman with beautiful raised breasts, I am your follower. You may take me wherever you like, and your friends may also follow me.


Now Āgnīdhra frankly admits his weakness. He was attracted to Pūrvacitti, and therefore before she could say, "But I have no business with you," he expressed his desire to be united with her. He was so attracted that he was ready to go anywhere, hell or heaven, in her company. When one is absorbed in lust and the influence of sex, one surrenders to the feet of a woman without reservations. Śrīla Madhvācārya remarks in this connection that when one engages in joking and talking like a crazy person, one may say anything and everything, but his words will be meaningless.

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