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SB 8.7.18

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


nirmathyamānād udadher abhūd viṣaṁ
maholbaṇaṁ hālahalāhvam agrataḥ


nirmathyamānāt—while the activities of churning were going on; udadheḥ—from the ocean; abhūt—there was; viṣam—poison; mahā-ulbaṇam—very fierce; hālahala-āhvam—by the name hālahala; agrataḥ—at first; sambhrānta—agitated and going here and there; mīna—various kinds of fish; unmakara—sharks; ahi—different kinds of snakes; kacchapāt—and many kinds of tortoises; timi—whales; dvipa—water elephants; grāha—crocodiles; timiṅgila—whales that can swallow whales; ākulāt—being very much agitated.


The fish, sharks, tortoises and snakes were most agitated and perturbed. The entire ocean became turbulent, and even the large aquatic animals like whales, water elephants, crocodiles and timiṅgila fish [large whales that can swallow small whales] came to the surface. While the ocean was being churned in this way, it first produced a fiercely dangerous poison called hālahala.

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